Trusted Organic Area Rug Brands & Manufacturers

The following brands have been around for a while and have excellent reviews. They offer many different styles and different materials of area rugs as well as other rug styles.

  • NuLoom - Beautiful patterns and colors, offering Jute and Wool area rugs

  • Safavieh - Over 100 years of experience. Offers cotton, wool, jute and seagrass area rugs.

  • Anji Mountain - Family owned business offering bamboo, seagrass, sisal, and jute area rugs.

  • Natural Area Rugs - Offers a variety of natural fiber rugs as well as non-slip rugs pads and stair rugs.

  • Hook & Loom - These are new on Amazon. They use natural dyes and glues. They are a completely eco-friendly company that exclusively makes non-toxic rugs.

When purchasing these rugs online, be sure to let them air out completely before adding them to the play room or nursery floor.